Frequently Asked Questions about our Dog Bathtub:


What Is The Tub Made Of?

Our tub is made of HDPE (High Density Polyethylene).  It is a very strong and durable plastic.  It is the same material that most pickup truck bedliners are made out of.

How Big Is The Tub?

Our tub is 3 feet long, 2 feet wide and 1.5 feet tall.

Will My Pooch Fit?

Holly, the gold colored pooch in the photos, weighs almost 90 pounds and fits comfortably in the tub. Remy, the other pictured pooch, weighs about 60 pounds. We have washed 12 pound lap dogs and 150 pound Mastiffs.

What Comes With The Tub?

We send a 25 foot long light-duty hose, a shower head and a faucet adapter with each tub.  The adapter fits many common faucets. If it doesn't fit your faucet, you can probably find an adapter at your local hardware store. The tub has an eye-ring place to attach a control chain so your friend will not jump out and run away. There is a screened drain that cuts down on hair in your plumbing. You can attach your own hose to the drain to direct the dirty water where you want it to go, or you can screw on the included cap if you would like the water to build up in the tub. (The water can reach a depth of about 6 inches).  Most people use the tub outside or in their basement near a floor drain.

Is the Bottom Slippery?

The dog bathtub tub has a corrugated bottom. We have had no negative feedback regarding slippage issues.

How Does My Pal Get In And Out Of The Tub?

The back end of the tub is indented.  The vast majority of our friends can step in and out easily. No more lifting a dirty dog into your bathtub and lifting a wet one out!