About Us...The Doggy Bathtub and Easy Home Dog Grooming Story


How It Started...

Max loved to run!  He had a white 'necktie' on his chest and 4 white paws.  The rest was jet black.  He was a lab/collie/spaniel/setter mix of joy.  When we got back from our weekly trek to our friends farm, the white was gone (replaced by a pungent smell)!  We would go to the bathtub, and after he escaped only to shake off in our bedroom for the tenth time or so, I thought...Max needs his own bathtub!


An Unexpected Discovery...

After an extended search, I discovered there really was no tub designed for washing our furry family member, or for doing our dog grooming at home.  Being the entrepreneurial sort, Rita, my wife and I, decided to do something about it...Scrub-A-Dub Dog Doggy Bathtub was born.  It started in our garage.  Now, many tens of thousands of tubs later, we hope you will consider one for the pooch you love!


Why Our Tub?

Max was followed by Sadie, a beautiful golden retriever who helped us raise our kids.  Holly, the mischievous golden/lab mix in these photos came next. The spaniel you see in one of the photos is Remy, part of our neighbors' family. Our tub is made in the U.S.A. and is shipped from an opportunities center in Wisconsin, a place that provides meaningful work for people facing different types of challenges.