Scrub-A-Dub Dog Bathing System

Scrub-A-Dub Dog Bathing System

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Scrub-A-Dub Dog Bathing System

The Scrub-A-Dub Dog Bathing System is portable and lightweight. You can move the Scrub-A-Dub Dog bathtub to your yard, driveway or basement to wash your dog. Why wrestle your dog into the bathtub when you can take the bathtub to the dog?The ergonomically designed tub is easy for dogs to step in and out. Saves time and money by providing you a safe, convenient place to wash your dog at home. With the Scrub-A-Dub Dog Bathing System, washing the family dog is as easy as 1, 2, 3! Walk the dog into the tub and snap the collar onto the leash holder. Turn on warm water and wash. Once the dog is washed and rinsed, dry your dog and go and play!

Features and Benefits:

  • Portable and lightweight tub for use in any water-accessible area, including the basement or yard.
  • Your dog can step in and out on their own.
  • Made out of virtually indestructible HDPE. Resists damage from even the most determined bath-jumpers.
  • The wash water can be either collected in the basin of the tub or diverted to a drain.
  • A special drain screen keeps pet hair out of your pipes. The threaded drain with multiple fittings accepts any standard hose for emptying.
  • It has a grooved bottom that gives your pet good traction.
  • The built-in, rust-free steel leash clip keeps your dog secure while bathing, leaving both your hands free to wash your pet.
  • Comes with screened drain, 25 foot light-weight, flexible hose with a shower head attachment with an easy on/off valve and contoured handle that won't slip in soapy water, and faucet adapters for the kitchen, laundry tub, basement or outdoor faucets.
  • The inside measures 30" W x 32" L x 17" H. The outside measures (including the lip) 24" W x 44" L x 17" H.
  • For dogs up to 100 pounds.

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Scrub-A-Dub Dog Doggy Bathtub

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